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MDP-Boston, Inc.



Continually updated proprietary software customized for reporting and processing. 

Interface capability and experience with connectivity with all hospital MIS systems.

In house programming capability for client customization with full flexibility.


The healthcare sector is in dire need of a more intelligent backend system to reduce the miscalculations negatively impacting physician revenue. Although healthcare has been quick to adopt digitization, the industry has continued to subject itself to manual billing and coding systems weakened by miscalculations and faulty error checking processes.

Where there is a manual process, there are errors. In addition to accurately coding EHR data AI can conduct audits self-adjusting known values.

Over half of all medical bills are mishandled, resulting in billions of dollars in incorrect payments. As the number of patients increases, so do the errors and this calls for a sorting and organizational intelligence that surpasses human resources.

MDP has been combatting this with artificial intelligence which is applied to contextualize unstructured data and give meaning to data using advanced algorithms that become increasingly intuitive over time, much like human experience. Most important, AI automates repetitive analyses and procedures leading to substantial reductions in operational costs.

MDP can use AI in a myriad of ways to increase your net-to-practice revenue.

Telemedicine Hardware, Software and Billing

Virtual medicine is here to stay and it can provide your practice with another revenue stream. Every medical practice is unique and MDP can help you avoid costly mistakes in equipment purchases, deployment and adoption to keep your telemedicine division agile and productive. In addition, MDP is fully versed in the rules for billing the relatively new telemedicine procedure codes and protocols.