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MDP-Boston, Inc.

Practice Management

Practice Management

Management support to make your life easier

Today, healthcare professionals are looking for experienced support to manage an efficient, organized office. At MDP we have been providing that support to clients since 1986. Because we visit client offices on a regular basis, we are familiar with the scope of their practice and can identify problems before they become crises. 


Areas of support MDP provides:

Given the opportunity, MDP can create a flexible plan that will aid in the development and maintenance of smooth practice operations while simultaneously meeting the needs of the patient population. Our professionals can take the burden of efficiently managing a practice off your shoulders giving you more time to practice your profession.

Personnel Management

We can provide job descriptions, help train your office staff, manage your payroll system and act as a liaison between you and your employees.

Analysis of internal processes

We provide objective evaluations of your practice operations. This includes policies and procedures, office layout and design, facility/site assessments and staffing. Additional services offered include patient satisfaction surveys and coding analysis.

Practice Comparisons

We’ll let you know how your fee schedule and reimbursement profiles compare with similar practices, if your expenses are too high or collections too low, if your salaries and benefits are competitive and what it will take to recruit an associate.

Credit Control

We see that proper credit procedures are in place. As your business consultant we will monitor your credit and collection procedures to maximize your revenue.

Accounting Services

We provide monthly and quarterly reports, as well as an analysis of what those reports mean for your business. Our consultants can develop fee schedule projections, evaluate accounting procedures and make recommendations for your practice on a consistent basis.